UK Health Lottery

The UK Health Lottery launched on October 8th 2011 and the first draw was televised live on ITV1 and Channel5, hosted by Melinda messenger.

Tickets for the Health Lottery cost £1 of which 20p goes towards charitable organisations involved with health related issues.  Prizes in the Health Lottery are laid out below with 3 different prize bands offering substantial Jackpots for matching 3, 4 or 5 numbers:

Match 3 Numbers – £50
Match 4 Numbers – £500
Match 5 Numbers – £100,000

The top level “Match 5″ prize band offers a guaranteed jackpot of £100,000 to any players matching all 5 of the Health Lottery Winning Numbers. If there are no winners of the main jackpot for any given draw then Health Lottery officials choose a ticket at random to be a “Second Chance Guaranteed Winner” ensuring that there is always at least 1 jackpot winner for every draw. In the event of a second chance winner being announced the winning Health Lottery Ticket Reference number will be displayed on results page for that draw. This handy page on UK Lottery News gives a breakdown of the UK Health Lottery Ticket explaining what each part means.

A new feature of the Health Lottery introduced on 29th October 2011 was the Magic Monday bonus. This is where a player can use their Saturday Health Lottery Ticket to get a discount at a designated retailer on the following Monday. There is no additional draw for Magic Monday, instead each ticket has a Magic Monday date printed on it – this is the only date that you can claim your Magic Monday discount. For details of the Magic Monday offer check out our UK Health Lottery Results section and click on the draw that you bought tickets for.

UK Health Lottery FAQs

Q. When can I watch the Health Lottery?

A. You can watch the Health Lottery Draw live each Saturday night on ITV1 and Channel 5. The Draw is shown during the adverts in a 60 second bulletin and is usually between 9.30pm and 9.45pm – times can vary slightly due to programmes running over like the X Factor.

Q. How do I check my Health Lottery Ticket?

A. The easiest way to check your Health Lottery Ticket is to go to our Health Lottery Results section and click on the draw date that you purchased tickets for. You will see the 5 Winning Numbers displayed and if your ticket has the same 5 numbers then you are a Jackpot winner. If you have matched either 3 or 4 numbers then you also receive a prize. You may only match numbers from a single line at a time if you purchased multiple lines. Each line gives you an additional chance of winning but you cannot mix and match numbers between lines to get a win.

Q. What do I do if I have won the Health Lottery?

A. This depends on the number of balls you have matched. If you have matched 3 balls to win the minimum prize of £50 then you can go to any Health Lottery retailer to cash in your ticket and receive the £50 in cash. For the 2 larger prizes you need to contact the Health Lottery Advice line where they will take your details and arrange for the funds to be transferred electronically. The number is 0844 375 55 55.

Q. Can I play the UK Health Lottery from outside the United Kingdom?

A. The UK Health Lottery is currently one of the few lotteries that cannot be played by non GB residents. It is important for players to note the distinction, GB includes England, Scotland and Wales only – it does not include Northern Ireland. GB residents must also have a GB bank account for winning funds to be transferred into.

Q. Why do I have to be 18 to play the Health Lottery?

A. Unlike the National Lottery the Health Lottery is a commercial enterprise that donates a portion of it’s ticket sales to good causes. This means that it is treated the same as any other form of gambling which the minimum age in the UK is 18.

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